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Professional and discreet, I will capture a series of beautiful images to truly reflect you, tell your individual story and create priceless keepsakes.

About me ...

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“Photography is a love affair with life.”

Burk Uzzle, 1938

I'm grateful everyday that I found my 'thing'. I love becoming immersed in the world through the lens. I believe beauty can be found in everything and everyone. I've always been a natural 'observer', and the illusion of detachment created by my camera gives me the ability to shamelessly do so.

For weddings particularly it does not escape me what a privilege (& responsibility) this viewpoint is.  Indulging in this heightened sense of vision, everything else around me melts away. It can be quite an intense process ( & tough on the eyes!), but I get to produce and create something unique every time, and that feels amazing. I see photography as an art form, and take great joy in the creative editing process.

I am in part a free spirit; inspired by the emotion and energy set before me, revelling in capturing fleeting moments in time. You will feel (I hope) in my family, wedding and event work that I am embracing the moment with my subject and naturally avoiding overly contrived representations. This journalistic, candid approach most definitely stems from extensive travel from a young age. Observing different cultures and environments closely through youthful eyes, I saw the beauty of the imperfect and the nuances of human interaction; I recognised the power of the raw -of realism and honesty in what we see, and the feelings evoked.

However, I am also part perfectionist, an overthinker who contrastingly, when given any amount of time, will try to balance and structure and order what's before me. Wonderfully on my photography journey I have found this side of me suited to a second genre - structural images. In my images of yachts, property and architecture you will see straight lines, symmetry and balance - an attempt to control the visual.

My plunge into photography as a career stemmed from an ever-growing sense I was neglecting part of myself whilst in a London-based office environment, and it immediately felt right - both from the people I met studying at The London School of Photography and Wimbledon Studios, as well as the sense of achievement I had been aching for.

Prior to my photography career I worked as a Private PA in London, a Yacht Stewardess in the Med., and also tried my hand over the years in property, PR and recruitment. At university I studied English Literature & Art History - which I still enjoy greatly - and I am able to draw on this foundation knowledge of composition, use of light and varying visual styles.

I do hope you like what you see and become a chapter in my story.